Rental of additional equipment

To increase the comfort of travel and luggage transportation, you can order a car rental with additional equipment:

Baby seat

For the smallest passengers, it is necessary to install special seats in the form of a cradle in the car. They allow children under 1 year of age to be laid in a horizontal position. Baby seats designed for children 1-12 years old are equipped with five-point seat belts and guarantee reliable protection for the child. All these baby seats are available for rent from 2 USD/day.

baby seat

GPS navigator

A GPS navigator is a very useful device for drivers who use a vehicle in unfamiliar locality. The equipment simplifies the selection of the optimal route and saves fuel resources. All our navigators are equipped with up-to-date maps of Ukraine in Ukrainian, Russian and English. Available for rent from 2 USD/day.

GPS rentdrive

WiFi router

Modern drivers actively use the Internet. Therefore, on a trip, they may need a WiFi router that provides Internet distribution for all devices in the car. The presence of such equipment will help to quickly resolve any issues, even when the driver is away from home. WiFi routers that are offered for rent are distinguished by good signal strength, charge duration and low cost of traffic. Available for rent from 2 USD/day.

wifi rent in rentdrive

Universal phone holder

It is impossible to imagine the life of modern people without a mobile phone. A universal holder is used to install it in a rented car. There are various models of devices that are characterized by compactness, ease of fixation, and ergonomics. The client is also provided with special adapters for charging. Available for rent from 1 USD/day.

phone holder

Roof box

Car trunks (boxes) are used to transport various goods. The most popular is the rental of fixtures that are installed on the roof of the car. They are distinguished by their capacity, the ability to withstand significant mechanical loads, streamlined shape, and ease of installation. Available for rent from 10 USD/day.

car roof box

You can order by phone in Kyiv +38 (044, 067, 063, 095) 233-39-55 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) or book through the website.