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Minivan, minibus rental in Kyiv

аренда Toyota Sienna

PeriodPrice per day

  • 2 - 3 days80 $
  • 4 - 9 days70 $
  • 10 - 29 days60 $
  • 30 + days50 $
  • info-iconMileage
    350 km/day


  • Year
  • Engine
    2.7 l / 190 hp
  • Gear
  • Fuel
  • Consumption
    11.2 L/100 km

info-iconDeposit:600 $

аренда микроавтобуса Viano Киев
аренда Mercedes Viano Киев
прокат Мерседес Виано

PeriodPrice per day

  • 2 - 3 days120 $
  • 4 - 9 days100 $
  • 10 - 29 days90 $
  • 30 + days80 $
  • info-iconMileage
    350 km/day


  • Year
  • Engine
    2.2 l / 163 hp
  • Gear
  • Fuel
  • Consumption
    9.5 L/100 km

info-iconDeposit:800 $

прокат Виано
аренда Mercedes Viano
аренда минивэна Mercedes-Benz Viano

PeriodPrice per day

  • 2 - 3 days150 $
  • 4 - 9 days130 $
  • 10 - 29 days110 $
  • 30 + days90 $
  • info-iconMileage
    350 km/day


  • Year
  • Engine
    2.2 l / 163 hp
  • Gear
  • Fuel
  • Consumption
    9.5 L/100 km

info-iconDeposit:1500 $



Getting a clean and disinfected car

Best price

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Customer service

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Our cars are Full insured

Rent a minivan without driver

A good solution for those who are coming to travel in a large company is renting a minibus. If you are organizing a wedding, want to take a tour, bring business partners around the city, or are going somewhere with family or friends, then you will need a really roomy transport. In this case, the best minivan fit.

Cars of this class are excellent for long-haul routes

You can easily accommodate bulky luggage and everything you need for a long trip.

Spacious and comfortable lounge, comfortable chairs, a soft ride – minibus manufacturers know how to make a family trip really fun and enjoyable! The minivan can comfortably accommodate your family members, friends and employees, business partners and guests at the wedding. Do not limit yourself to desires! Plan a trip anywhere, to the country, to a picnic, to another city for a tour – the car will help you get the most out of your trip! At the same time, the level of comfort of the minivan will allow you to safely plan long trips, without worrying about the fact that the road can tire passengers or driver.

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Good to know!

The deposit is the amount that the client leaves for the rental period.
This is CASCO insurance deductible. The deposit is fully refunded to the client if the car was returned without new damages, with the same amount of fuel, and the client has no fines.
The deposit can be left in cash in UAH or USD, or the amount can be blocked on a bank card.

All cars are insured with CASCO.
If the client does not violate the terms of insurance, then in the absence of his fault in the accident, he does not bear any responsibility.
If the client has fault in accident, then his responsibility does not exceed 2% of the cost of the car.

We have 2 tariffs:
Standard - with mileage 350 km/day, Promotional - 150 km/day.
The total mileage for the entire rental period is calculated. For example, in 4 days a client can travel 1400 or 600 km, according to the selected tariff.
Extra mileage calculated from 0.10 USD/km, depending on the class of the car.

Primary requirements:
Age from 23 to 65 years and at least 2 years of driving experience.
Required documents:
passport and driver's license.

The car can be collected and returned at our office (Kyiv, Bogatyrska st. 1G).
As well as:
Pick up in any adress in Kyiv = 15 USD,
Pick up in Boryspil airport = 25 USD,
Pick up in any other city of Ukraine - calculated individually.

Car wash, as well as fuel, is not included in the price.
The car is handed over to the client exclusively in clean condition and with full tank.
If the car is returned dirty, the car wash is paid additionally from 15 USD.

The client can drive only in Ukraine, except for Donetsk, Luhansk regions and Crimea.
Travel abroad is not allowed.

If the car breaks down, the company will quickly change for another, not lower class.

Transfer of the car to third parties is allowed only with the permission of a company representative.
The "second driver" service is provided free of charge!

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